Aim: To help the children: to know that our voices are a wonderful gift from God; to appreciate them; and to decide to use them to praise God and speak the truth.

Verse Illustrated: Psalm 104:33 I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.

Presentation: Discuss our voices, talk very quietly and loudly, etc. Discuss good and bad ways to use our voices. Challenge the children to use their voices for God.

Interest Getter: Today, I brought a very important gift from God with me, but you can’t see it. (As you talk to them, raise and lower your voice). Can you guess what I brought? You also brought the same thing. What is it?

Lesson: Yes, we brought our voices! God made us with wonderful voices! What can we do with them? Sing. Talk. Pray. Whisper. Let’s try. Everyone say “Thank you, Jesus.” in a whisper. Now say it as loud as you can. Louder! (Tell them to say it really loud!) (Now ask them to be absolutely quiet.) Let’s say it in a real high voice. Now, say it in a real low voice. We can do a lot with our voices. And we hear what we do with our ears, so you see, our ears and voices work together.

Where do our voices come from? Right inside us in our necks, we have a “voice box” or larynx, which enables us to make words and talk. That is one of God’s special gifts to people. What do dogs say? Anything else? What about cats? Can birds talk? Or monkeys? Some can say a few words, but they can’t talk like we can.

When do we use our voices? Any time? No. There are times to be quiet – like when the teacher or your Mom or someone else is talking, or when someone is sleeping, in school or in church. When is a good time to talk? When someone asks you a question, when you are playing, when you talk things over in the family. What about when you eat? Don’t talk with your mouth full.

Application: There are some things that God wants us to do with our voices. One is, always tell the truth. He is truth and He expects His people to say the truth. Satan is the father of lies, so when you tell a lie, you are working with Satan. Who wants to do that? None of us. Another thing that God likes us to do with our voices is to praise Him! We do this when we sing songs of praise and when we tell others about Him.

Conclusion: In the Bible, the Psalm writer says, “I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.” That is a good way for us to use our voices, too. Can we do it? (Sing song of praise or pray and praise Him).

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