What color is a rock? Grey? Yes. Black? Yes. Brown? Sort of. What about silver? Have you ever seen a rock that looks a little like tinfoil? . . . → Read More: Mica

Magnets of Several Types

Have you ever seen something like this? (Show tricky dog magnets and how they hold and repel each other). What makes them act like this? . . . → Read More: Magnets of Several Types

Dirt (earth) 1

If you were going to make the very best, most important thing in the whole world, what would you use to make it with? (Try to get a variety of answers). If you were going to heal someone’s blind eyes and make him see, what kind of medicine would you use? (Try to get some answers) . . . → Read More: Dirt (earth) 1

Starfish (mollusk shells – optional)

Here is a very special creature for you to look at. (Show starfish) . . . → Read More: Starfish (mollusk shells – optional)

Hair 2: Numbered

Today, you and I all brought something with us that is very pretty. It is long and thin, comes in different colors and can’t move by itself but it is always moving. What is it? It is something we keep losing but we always get more. We keep cutting it off but we still have it! What is it? . . . → Read More: Hair 2: Numbered

Thunder/Big drum

(Play a big drum or clap two boards together.) “Can you make a loud noise? How? Let’s hear it. Can anyone make a louder noise? How? What is the loudest noise you can think of? A fire engine? A rocket taking off? Fireworks? What about thunder?” . . . → Read More: Thunder/Big drum


I saw some of God’s marvelous handiwork this week that I would love to show you but I couldn’t bring it here. It was too big and far away, but very beautiful. It was red and pink and it had some gold scattered in it and some blues…. It kept changing shape and color. Eventually, it all disappeared. What was it? . . . → Read More: Sunset

Sun, Bright Flashlight or Camera Flash

Show bright light you brought. Ask, “Have you ever seen a brighter light than this? What was it? What is brighter? Can you look at it? Is anything too bright to look at?” . . . → Read More: Sun, Bright Flashlight or Camera Flash

Full moon

Cookie sheet for reflection

Aim: To help the children: to gain more understanding of God’s greatness; to admire His creation; and to choose to reflect His light as the moon reflects the sunlight..

Verse Illustrated: Genesis 1:14,15 And God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to separate the day . . . → Read More: Full moon

Lightning, Light bulb, Balloon

(Show light bulb, turned off) What is this? Yes, it is an electric light bulb. How can I make it shine? (Plug it in). Where does the electricity come from? Do you know any other signs of electricity? (Hair standing up – static electricity. Rub an inflated balloon on your clothes and see if you can make it stick to you). What causes this? What is the biggest brightest sign of electricity you can think of? . . . → Read More: Lightning, Light bulb, Balloon