Little Maple Tree Growing from Samaras Helicopters

Aim: To help the children: to recognize one wonderful way that God plants trees; to appreciate His great generosity; and to decide to tell others about the God’s gift of Life.

Verse Illustrated: Job 37:14c “Stop and consider God’s wonders.”

Presentation: Show little maple tree(s) about 3 inches high, growing, still attached to seed pod(s) (“helicopter”). Discuss God’s creativity. Try to develop interest in nature – His creation – in the children and the desire to tell others about God’s goodness.

Interest Getter: Do you remember the “helicopters” we looked at the other week?

Lesson: Those little helicopters flew around and landed all over the place. Hundreds of them came from one tree, all full of life! Some landed in my garden and started growing and look at this! I’ve been busy weeding them out! You can find them along the roads or anywhere near maple trees. Just think, if we wanted trees, we could have lots of them! God is generous and does His things in a big big way! In just a week or two from when the seedpod landed, this little tree is here! Who would have thought of planting a great big tree in this way! Only God! He loves life. He gives life, and He has many ways of producing it. Can you think of other ways He plants trees? (He uses squirrels to plant walnuts, He uses people to plant many other trees.) After God plants them, He sends rain and sunshine so that they grow. He takes care of His things.

Application: He takes care of us, too. The rain and sunshine makes our food grow, too. God loves us and provides all that we need. Sometimes He does not do it in the way we expect Him to do it, but He is generous and He provides. The best thing He has provided for us is life that never ends!*

Conclusion: God gives and gives so generously! Are we like that with the people we love and our friends? Do we even tell them about God’s good gift? Or are we selfish and we keep this good news to ourselves? Let’s look around this week and try to plant this good news of life that never ends. And let’s thank God for caring for us. (Pray)

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