Today, I brought a very important gift from God with me, but you can’t see it. (As you talk to them, raise and lower your voice). Can you guess what I brought? You also brought the same thing. What is it? . . . → Read More: Voice


Today, I brought something small but extremely powerful and you don’t see it. You all brought one with you, too, but I don’t see them. What do you think it is? You can use it to make people feel good or bad. It is red. It is usually hidden behind something white. (Rub your tongue over your lips to help them guess what you are talking about. Continue giving clues until someone guesses “tongue”). . . . → Read More: Tongue

Taste buds, Little Bowls of Salt and Sugar

I have here two little bowls with white powder in them. One is salt and one is sugar. Which one is which one? Can you tell by looking? No. Can you tell by smelling? (Have them try.) It doesn’t work. How can you tell which is which? (If they say “taste it”, put some on your arm). You cannot tell by feeling it. Why should I put it in my mouth? . . . → Read More: Taste buds, Little Bowls of Salt and Sugar


I brought something today that I think everyone likes. I am wearing it. (Smile) What is it? Can you wear one? . . . → Read More: Smile

Sense of Smell

I have here some objects (peeled onion, rose or marigold, perfume, after shave lotion, taco powder, burnt toast, etc. in little bags in Show and Tell Bag) that I want you name for me, without looking at them. Just smell them and tell me what they are. (Pass the little bags around for all to smell and then name them.) . . . → Read More: Sense of Smell


Does anyone here have new shoes today? – or recently? Why? (Other ones were too small). Did the old shoes shrink? No, you grew! Show snake skin. . . . → Read More: Skin


(Talk about a fall you had as a child and show your scar or discuss scar caused by something else such as vaccination, etc. Ask if any of them have scars and let some of them tell their stories.) Have you ever caused anyone else to have a scar? That would make you feel terrible, wouldn’t it! . . . → Read More: Scars


Who likes pain? Have you ever felt pain? When? Why? Is pain ever good? When? When it tells us there is a stone in our shoe so we take the shoe off and remove the stone before we get a blister. When a wound hurts so we take good care of it and give it time to get well. When we disobey and cut ourselves after Mom said not to play with the knife, and we learn to listen, etc. . . . → Read More: Pain


Today, I brought my muscles with me. Did you bring yours? Let’s see some. (Look and compliment as children show you their muscles). Yes, we have wonderful muscles, some big like in our arms, some little in our toes and some we don’t even see like in our heart! Now, that heart is an amazing muscle. It never gets tired or stops as long as we live! . . . → Read More: Muscles


We are going to play a game that shows some choices you made this morning. If you ate corn flakes, raise your hands. Hands down. If you made your bed, stamp your feet. OK. Be quiet. If you sat quietly in Sunday School, nod your head. If you did not do any of these things, wiggle your shoulders. That’s enough, you can sit still now. How much is two and two? That is right. Four. . . . → Read More: Mind