Sand, Piece of Glass, Rock, Small House

What is this? (Show sand in box. Make small sand castle, pour water on it as you talk.) . . . → Read More: Sand, Piece of Glass, Rock, Small House


Today I brought something that is so common, you have all seen it and touched it and eaten it. But you haven’t smelled it because it has no smell. I’m going to give you a quiz and see if you can guess what I brought. It is one thing with many uses. . . . → Read More: Salt

Rocks 2, Variety of Types.

What does a rock look like? Is it soft or strong and hard? How many kinds of rocks are there? Show stones or rocks in the Show and Tell Bag and discuss. . . . → Read More: Rocks 2, Variety of Types.

Rocks 1, Polished – Necklaces

What does a rock look like? Are these rocks? Show pretty polished rocks, perhaps in a necklace. Pass them around as you talk and let children feel their smoothness. . . . → Read More: Rocks 1, Polished – Necklaces


What color is a rock? Grey? Yes. Black? Yes. Brown? Sort of. What about silver? Have you ever seen a rock that looks a little like tinfoil? . . . → Read More: Mica

Magnets of Several Types

Have you ever seen something like this? (Show tricky dog magnets and how they hold and repel each other). What makes them act like this? . . . → Read More: Magnets of Several Types


Show geode and ask what it is and how it was made. . . . → Read More: Geodes

Dirt (earth) 2

(Show box of dirt and ask), What is this? Is it important? How important? . . . → Read More: Dirt (earth) 2

Dirt (earth) 1

If you were going to make the very best, most important thing in the whole world, what would you use to make it with? (Try to get a variety of answers). If you were going to heal someone’s blind eyes and make him see, what kind of medicine would you use? (Try to get some answers) . . . → Read More: Dirt (earth) 1


Show shiny black coal and ask the children if they know what it is. Demonstrate writing on paper with it, and dirty hands. . . . → Read More: Coal